March 24, 2009

On beer, with bikes on the label

How can any self respecting cyclist resist this sort of packaging? I don't think you can, if you are indeed self-respecting, a cyclist and over the age of 13. I sure as hell can't, but I have a bit of an edge on anyone not familiar with Phillips Brewing Company. I've been drinking their product from when Blue Buck was still Blue Truck. They are a great local company brewed within 10 min from my home here in Victoria, and they only use top notch ingredients (also check out their history section on the website, its very entertaining). Slipstream Cream Ale is quickly becoming my favorite beer, not only because I like looking at the label, and believe me I do...but also because it is an excellent beer, not too dark, not too blonde and with a nice strong malty flavor...mmmm a perfect, post ride beer. But then again I did not have to stray to far from my former favorite, The Blue Buck. Ahh life is good, how can you complain after a 2 hour nightride and then getting to sit down and have a beer and ramble on about beer and bicycles on some blog. Not bad, all things considered. Now I just need to figure out how to make money doing this. Damn elusive money.

March 05, 2009

On locks, bike security and Polo

The cut in the lock... the replacement...Kryptonite evolution
Victoria is notorious for bicycle theft. I have not been affected by this yet (knock on wood). But as the above photo illustrates, I've come close. I did not notice the half-assed cut in the lock right away, but one day when I arrived at work I realized there was a huge dent in the down tube of my Cannondale M400. At first I thought somebody was throwing it around in the storage locker, but when I finally noticed the cut in the lock I realized that whoever was trying to steal my bike, probably managed to dent the frame while hacking away at the lock. The lock held up however, and I'm glad about that. It's has since been replaced by a u-lock. The bike is not really safe to ride in any sort of serious way, so I think it's racing days are over. So what do I do with that bike? Well, I've always wanted to try Bike-Polo and the Cannondale seems like a perfect candidate for a polo bike...So here's the plan with that one: Replace the flat-bar with the risers that came on my Bianchi, retain the hot pink Ouries. Scavange the shop for a decent v-brake, and replace the Cantis with v's, no brake up front/rear brake on left side of handlebars (I need the right for the mallet). Replace the Jones XC tires with my old trusty Tioga City Slicker slicks, these are hefty but I have never had a flat on them in over 3 years. Perhaps replace the 34t ring up front with a 32t but for now I think I'll keep the 34t (CX gearing) and see how it works out. This will be the fifth incarnation of the Cannondale. First it was my mountain bike, then my commuter, then my singlespeed commuter (once the shifters wore out), CX machine and now...Voila! here's a Polo bike. Now I'll just have to show up at the polo rink and make some friends...should be interesting. I'll post some photo's of this morphing soon.

March 01, 2009

A very lovely bike...

I fell in love yesterday... I mean, would you look at that thing. It's gorgeous, looks fast standing still. Traditionally I'm not a huge track bike guy but this bike sort of changes that all for me. Aero tubing, deep section rims and a beautiful color scheme...who can resist gloss red on gloss black? I know I sure as hell can't. If I had a Check it out here.