July 03, 2008

Trail scouting

I went to look over our trail the other day. Previously I had marked out a trail, using the natural flow of the land and existing sheep tracks, that led me into a ravine. The Ravine looked good from where my marks ended but once I was past that last marker, the flow could not be continued. A boggy creek bed greeted me with sections of loose gravel littered with baseball sized rocks. So I had to backtrack and look for an alternetive route. After a little searching I found another sheep track that was somewhat more obscure and less traveled. Turns out I can utilize that track to take the trail over a little creek and up a sandy hill which will take the trail right to the 4x4 road leading down to sea-level. The problem is that now I have a little creek to cross, and a section of land where there is a natural coldwater spring. To continue the flow of the trail I'll have to build two ladder bridges that are sturdy enough for us to ride on, yet light and simple enough for me to be able to carry them up there alone and assemble them on the spot. I think a big backack is going to be needed. I think I'll try to make prefabricated "flatpacked" bridges that I can carry in the backpack. This will be interesting, and when that Is done I'll have a 10 minute, rideable and flowy singletrack. Nothing groomed and fancy, but still fun. Then there's just the other 4 km left!
Here's a picture from my first scouting trip this summer. I was looking for an alternitive route up the mountain. I did not find it. the trail is actually under the snow where the Ex-8 is napping. Ive been looking up there through the binoculars and the snow is gone now.

July 01, 2008

Yehuda moon, a cartoon worth checking every day.

My brother pointed this cartoon out to me. It's funny as hell. I love the "steel is real- guy" vs. the Rodie. They're friends with a common interest but a totally different attitudes towards cycling. Perhaps the funniest thing about this cartoon is that it is such an accurate portrayal of the stereotypes that I've come across. www.yehudamoon.com This adds to my daily dose of cycling related material.