March 07, 2008

Penny Farthings on the outskirts of Duncan

I went for a drive with a friend of mine the other day to see a body-guy up in Duncan, about 45min north of Victoria. Cars are kind of my guilty pleasure, even though I don't spend much time on that interest these days. It's something that runs in my blood though, so please don't hate me just because I like cars. I'm really not that bad. Anyway, on our way up there, we came across these crazy looking home-fabricated Penny Farthings. They were basically made of 1 1/2" tubing, some old wagon wheels (or home-made wheels) a tractor seat and some scavenged cranks and pedals. The bikes looked like they were ridable, although they might be a bit on the heavy side. Not the ideal grocery getter, even with those fancy baskets. These bikes were on either side of a driveway, under an arch made from old bulldozer tracks, that had been welded stuck in that shape. Seems like the owner of that place has some time, energy and creative vision to recycle stuff that ends up on his property. Unique driveway, if nothing else.

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