August 27, 2009

Tuesday nights, and alleycats

Mitch on Switchbacks
Rigid singlespeeds make things interesting
Not much of a challenge for Nic
We had a good group ride on Tuesday. I've been riding solo for much of the summer on the supposed group rides since people are busy and have other engagements. This is to be expected in the summertime and not an issue at all. However, I will be out there every Tuesday as long as I'm healthy, and in town. So if you ever feel like going for a ride or get introduced to the Dump, I'll be there at 7pm. Last Tuesday, Mitch, Justin, Colin and myself showed up for the ride, along with Nic and Mitch's better half, Claire. That's the biggest ride we've had in a long time and it was good to have more people out. We Picked up Al from Cycle BC, on the trails and did a pretty standard loop. We rode to the top of Twister via Switchbacks and then came down Old payoff and Snakes and ladders. No spectacular crashes although Justin had another battle with his rockgarden nemesis on Little Face, and Colin took a bit of a spill on old payoff. Neiter one was fantastic enough to take the crash trophy but in all honesty I can't remember who is the current trophy holder. Andrews crash on his road bike was pretty fantastic though so I have to say that he must still clench the trophy with his one good arm. In other news... there is an alleycat tomorrow in Victoria. Meet at the Chain 7:30pm, mash the pedals and empty the cans.

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