September 21, 2009

on zoobombs, polo and such...

Fine canadian (Taiwanese) steel ehem...
frame sanded down and redy for primer....primed and first coat of paint on half the frameThe finished frame
Lately my goal has been to cut down on bikes, and try and have a staple of a few good bikes, in stead of many bikes of various quality. This has resulted in many sales of bikes and currently I'm down to six. Soon to be five. My latest project is a Bianchi Volpe Cross/Touring bike which will replace my Cannondale rigid mountainbike as my Cross machine. I don't have any pictures of that at the moment but they will soon be posted. Another project I'm working on is my polo bike! Yes I know I've said before that the Cannondale would become my polo bike, but since that one has gone trough so many incarnations and has been with me for such a long time, I don't want to kill it in a stupid polo crash. So the Cannondale goes into storage and will be pulled out for single speed mountain biking. I had an old Rocky Mountain Hammer frame kicking around and I thought that would make a perfect candidate for Polo, so I started trowing parts together. I thought I'd paint the frame green and was going for Forest green when I went to the hardware store. However when I came across the "Hunter Green." The choice was obvious. I'm a huge Hunter S. Thompson fan so I have a tendency to find strange connections to him in the most obscure places. So Hunter green it was. I sanded the frame down, just enough to make the primer stick, primed it with non-sandable primer (big mistake) and after a second sanding, on came the green. I'm pretty happy with the finished frame. It's a disc brake only frame so I'll be running an old Shimano mechanical disc brake in the rear with the lever mounted on the left side (right side will be holding the mallet). The spec will roughly be as follows: Rigid steel fork (traded a Motobecane for that at Bicycle-itis, a great shop by the way). Syncros stem, flat bar with Ouries, Easton seat post, WTB saddle, deore rear hub on old double track rim (complete with green nipples) bontrager front wheel, off my Fuel EX-8. Crappy altus cranks from the recycle bin. Steve, the mechanic at Rider's, straightened those in the vice for me. Old Deore LX derailleur off of the Cannondale. 7 speed casette, and thumb shifter. I'll post more pictures as soon as this monster comes together. To make it even more monstrous I will be adding this basket from Wald to it, once I've devised some kind of a quick release system to it for polo. The Polo bike will then double as my Laundry/Delivery bike. Perfect for cruising to the garage sale or delivering two flats of beer to the Barbeque etc. zoobomb!

Zoobomb Freeride from Billy Meiners on Vimeo.

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