May 10, 2010

on mountainbiking, bike proms, and ritualistic strangeness

Are you Jesus?
Well it's been a busy few weeks, with racing and riding...This weekend however, the only riding that was done was a long Mtb ride yesterday at the Dump. I finally rode trails that I knew about but had never ridden before. These are off the map and a bit hard to find but they're fun. Even though there is a hell of a lot of climbing it seems like it is easily possible to link up some trails to ride on singletrack for about 4 hours which should be good practice for the Test of Metal. This week I also rode out to the dump from Victoria and did a loop there and rode back. That's an ok ride but mountain bikes are not much fun on longer commutes. Hardpack gravel is fun on a crossbike but gets old pretty fast on a mountain bike. Nevertheless, with a little help from Dave Shiskoff (and when I say little I mean a gps map) I realized that you can ride all the way to the dump with very little time on the road. This makes that commute a bit more interesting. I was pretty tired after that ride though and when I came back into town I was begging for red lights so I could take a breather! The Victoria Bike Prom was on the weekend before, and as always it was a blast. On Friday there was an alleycat and a Midnight mystery ride and on Saturday there was a polo turney, the prom ride and the Prom itself. On Sunday there was some pickup polo and a breakfast. All events were very successful even though the live music that was supposed to happen under the bay Bridge was shut down by the police (surprice, surprice). I took part in most of the events although not the polo (had to work). Then on Sunday I went out for a mountain bike ride with Will Rondoff of Midnight Mystery Ride fame and Gabriel Amadeus from Portland, but he was keen on riding some Victoria singletrack. Good way to get rid of the cobwebs. Up next: Road ride with the Rider's crew tonight, sprints on friday in the Capital City Summer series, and a XC race in Duncan on Sunday. Not to mention a lot of road action to watch from Giro D'Italia! Anyway, here are some photos from the prom weekend:
Will, Shiva and Gabe joined me on a ride on Sunday
Bučan Bučan played during the prom ride and at the prom, they were extremely entertaining.
Friday mystery ride
This kind officer took my beer, but to my surprice, in stead of having a sip...
he proceded to poor it on the ground in some strange police ritual of fertility or to celebrate mother earth or something. Anyway did not make too much sense to me.
Cole wore his fancy shoes
Gabriel wore his bitching Zoobomb vest.
Andreas and Bill
What? This is not a reasonable place to have a concert?
Bay st. Bridge
Andrew brought out the white Stumpjumpers for the occasion
Triane lays down the law for the alleycat!
Colin, BelleDawn, and Annina plot for the alleycat. Serious business as you can see!


revphil said...

hellyea! thanks for the recap! no violence necessary this year!

alas, im also familiar with that ritual.

hope i can join you next time!

Halldor said...

yup we missed you this year Phil...but soon we'll bomb a hill or something...Happy trails on the porn tour.

Miss Natasha Enquist said...

Nice Bike Prom recap!