October 31, 2009

On new trails

Top of Mt. Quimper, old forest fire lookout in background.
I'm too fast for the autofocus...cough cough..,
ahh the classic Gustavsberg style shown here by myself...
Nose manual off the skinny...nice
New trails are always great, and on Monday I got to ride some at the Harbourview park in Sooke. Harbourview is located about 30km (20miles) out of Victoria, and is a relatively new destination for me. I have ridden there once before but the last time I was there I broke my frame at the top of the hill and had to nurse it down (see here). This time the frame held up and the longer travel fork that I currently have on my Trek EX8 made for a more pleasurable ride. Some parts of Harborview are right at the limit of my abilities as a mountain biker. Tt made for a very challenging ride which was great. I took a couple of spills on the way down the hill, but nothing too scary. My riding partner for the day was Mitch, but he's a mechanic at Rider's and a great mountain biker. It's always fun to ride with someone that is more skilled than you are. Not only do you get to see how much you can improve as a rider but you see how it's possible to tackle obstacles and lines in a way that never even occurred to you. It was very cool to see Mitch floating down the trail ahead of me when I was fighting the bike and the terrain and my own fear. I would rarely get to see much of Mitch since I lost him out of sight pretty fast. Then he'd be waiting around the next corner, trying not to look like he'd been there forever, which was nice of him. Harbourview is a great riding destination but it definitely helps to have somebody with you that knows the trails and can tell you what to look out for.

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