October 11, 2009

polo hauler update

I thought I'd write a short update in the polo/laundry bike. That project has been kind of sidelined for a while since Frankencross took up all of my time, and available funds. This is still the case so the future of the polo bike is uncertain at the moment. However the will is there and somehow I'll get her done. There is talk of a polo tournament in Victoria this winter so I need to learn how to play the game. Anyway, here's the most recent shot of the project: Since that shot, I've installed the cranks, bb, cable housing and cut the fork steerer tube. I will probably use a different front wheel and I'll need to figure out a way to mount the basket via some kind of a home brewed quick release system. That way I can use the bike to haul and once I arrive at the polo court I'll just dump the basket and voila! game on. How's "The Polo Hauler" for a name? I like it.


Twins said...

looks good halldor. looking forward to seeing you at the polo courts, rockin socks and counting goals

Halldor said...

Yup, will be there soon. Just picked up some mallet material. Now it's just a waiting game until my body repairs itself.