November 03, 2009

on The Nutcase intercontinental single speed cx championships of the universe!

Mr. Lumberjack in action, note the axe ziptied to the frame
photos courtesy of Danielle Stevens
The Nutcase Intercontinental Single Speed Championship of the Universe was fantastic! It was a joy to see everybody else having to suffer up the hills like myself, instead of seeing them spinning by me in a blur. The course was fantastic with lots of interesting features such as fire pits you had to jump, extra many barriers (10 in all) and fireworks. It started out in a field with three sets of cones. We left the bikes at the first set of cones, the front wheels at the second and then went to the third where the race was started. We then had to run and pick up the wheels, run to our bikes, install the front wheel and then ride to the barriers and then we were finally on the course. The race was not a part of the Cross on the Rock series,so some of the top contenders on the island did not bother to show up. That was kind of lame in my opinion but I guess they were the ones missing out. It was a long race course, I think I heard somewhere that it was about 3,4km. On top of that, the race was extra long or 60min, but surprisingly, this seemed to suit me pretty well. I ended up in 13th place (-1 lap) in the men's category after being lapped by Drew MacKenzie (SSCXWC 2008, No shame in that):
Drew MacKenzie destroyed the field and claimed the win, much like in 2008's SSCXWC. pictured above with Sue Butler who took the ladies golden speedo in 2008.
I'm happy with my result and it was well worth taking the time off work to go up to Errington and race. Next race will be a double header in Victoria on sat. and sun. 7th and 8th. Even though I'll only be able to race on Sunday I'm super excited about it. For more pics from Errington check out Roland's excellent smug mug page here.


Dave Shishkoff said...

Great racing out there, glad there was at least one event for you to shine in. =)

Unknown said...

What a great race! Couldn't you slain that MacKenzie guy with your axe when he passed you?