November 09, 2009

On parks management and trailbuilding

Went for a nice solo ride at the Dump on Tuesday. The trails are still remarkable good in spite of the wet weather lately. I've hiked on a lot of trails in parks here in the Victoria CRD area and even though only one park and a part of another are open for mountain biking, the CRD crews could learn a lot by studying the Hartland trails. There are things or two that can be learned from mountain bikers about trail building, especially here in the wet northwest. What impresses me the most about certain areas of Hartland is the erosion control and water management of the trails. This is something that sets a standard that should be aimed for in other parks in the Capital district, and is far better than most other parks. But however well the trails are built and how well us mountain bikers treat the parks, there is NO discussion or even thoughts about opening up more areas to mountain bikers in the vast park network in the CRD. This is shameful, and I for one am not just going to be happy about being allowed to ride in one park. CRD needs to step up and aknowledge that we (mountain bikers, SIMBS) are good stewards of the parks and should be rewarded with more riding areas.

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