November 17, 2009

on public transit rain and fixed gear

I went over to Vancouver on Monday to have my passport expiry date extended. Since I'm heading down to the states next week it's imperative to have the paperwork in order. The Yanks are a bit uptight on the borders. Anyway, even though it was pouring down I decided to take the Soma with me since I could ride around if I was to early for my meeting with the passport person. I also wanted to check out Super Champion, and yes, I don't much care for walking.
Getting on the ferry
There were two bikes on the boat
Only one bike on the Canadaline rapid transit. Each coach has their own "bicycle area" which I was reminded to use. The design is stupid though, in stead of having a system to hang your bike vertically in the space, you're supposed to park it horizontally in those little slots seen just behind my messenger bag. No system to help the bike stay in place either. So not only does the bike take up a space that could easily accommodate 4 bikes, but it can also easily slide out and fall over one some little old lady and brake her toe. Nevertheless, I'm pretty impressed with Canadaline.
Tamara Leigh's photos were on display in the Waterfront station. Really nice stuff!
The Soma found a friend at Super Champion
My travel companion for the day. I'm having a hard time with this one.
The ride back from the ferry was dark and wet.

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Twins said...

haha the ride back from the ferry picture captures it perfectly